Different APIs for different use cases

Developing a PMS integration is hard enough without being limited by an API. Our goal is to provide APIs that are simple yet flexible, to keep them easy to use without compromising functionality. That's why we offer a couple of APIs to better meet your specific needs.


Benefits of Halo Cloud

Reduce development

All Halo Cloud queries are run by the Halo Link local agent, removing the need for integrators to develop a custom server agent.

Reduce maintenance

Halo Connect handles the maintenance of Halo Link installs, reducing support costs for integrators.

Smarter querying

Halo Link intelligently manages incoming queries to prevent disruptions for integrators and the practice.

Active monitoring

Halo Connect actively monitors and fixes practice server connectivity issues, reducing support overhead for integrators.

SQL Passthrough API

The SQL Passthrough API allows integrators to run SQL on on-premise practice servers via cloud APIs. Read and write operations, stored procedures -- any SQL you could run locally can be run via Halo Cloud.

Minimum conversion work for existing integration products, as existing SQL can be run as-is.

Maximum flexibility for integrators with use cases with specific needs.



The FHIR API is a first step towards the future, allowing integrators to query practices using a simple FHIR-based REST API.

No need to understand the SQL database -- all data can be accessed via defined types.

No need to immerse yourself in FHIR -- we've kept it simple, to reduce the barrier to entry.





Connecting Australia's practices to the cloud

Halo Link is a local agent for on-premise practice servers which allows multiple integrations to connect via one agent. No more having to install and maintain an agent for every integration -- install Halo Link, enable an integration, and you're done.


One local agent

Integrators no longer need to develop a local agent and install it on every customer's practice.

Protects the practice

Manages integrator queries to maintain server health and lighten server load.

Simpler management

Less local agents means simpler IT maintenance, reducing costs and downtime for practices.

Active monitoring

Halo Connect actively monitors and fixes practice server connectivity issues.


  • Halo Link is free for all practices running supported PMS software.
  • Halo Cloud requires a subscription and has a usage-based pricing model.

Please contact us for detailed pricing information. To enable you to test and develop your integration with Halo Cloud, staging subscriptions are available for current Bp and Zedmed partners.