Service Level Agreement

1. Definitions

The following defined terms apply to this Service Level Agreement for the Halo Connect products Halo Cloud and Halo Link (“SLA”). 

Actual Monthly Uptime Percentage = (A-B+C)/A x 100, where: 

        • A = Total Monthly Time (as defined below); 
        • B = Unavailable Monthly Time (as defined below); and 
        • C = Excluded Monthly Times (as defined below). 

Halo Cloud means the Halo Connect application programming interface (API) cloud service.

Halo Link Client means the Halo Connect application Halo Link installed on an on-premise server to connect it to the Halo Cloud.

Practice means a Medical Practice or Clinic running a unique version of the Halo Link Client on an on-premise server.

Excluded Monthly Times means the total number of minutes in a month during which the Halo Cloud or Halo Link Client was continuously unavailable or unresponsive for less than five (5) minutes or is unavailable or unresponsive due to Provider Outage.

Monthly Uptime Percentage Threshold means the applicable percentage set forth in the table in Section 2 (Service Commitments) of this SLA under the heading, “Monthly Uptime Percentage Threshold”.

Provider means a third-party service provider on which Halo Connect relies to operate, as set forth in the table in Section 2 (Service Commitments) of this SLA under the heading, “Providers”.

Provider Outage means the total number of minutes in a month during which the Halo API or Halo Link Client is unavailable due to an exclusive fault of a Provider of Halo Connect.

Service Credit means the credit that you are eligible to request pursuant to Section 4 (Service Credit Request) of this SLA if the Actual Monthly Uptime Percentage is less than the applicable Monthly Uptime Percentage Threshold.

Total Monthly Time means the total number of minutes in the applicable calendar month.

Unavailable Monthly Time means the number of minutes in the applicable calendar month during which the Halo Cloud or Halo Link Client, as applicable, were unavailable for use.

2. Service Commitments

Halo Connect will make commercially reasonable efforts to meet the following Monthly Uptime Percentage Thresholds, calculated per the above definition of the Actual Monthly Uptime Percentage.

Applicable Product Monthly Uptime Percentage Threshold Providers 
Halo Cloud 99.8% Microsoft Azure
Halo Link Uptime is dependant on local practice environments and therefore cannot be guaranteed, however it is monitored, and average uptime is >99.5% Practice IT Providers that maintain the environment that Halo Link is installed

3. Exclusions

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, no Unavailable Monthly Time will be deemed to have occurred if it:

(a) results from any Halo Connect product or service that is identified as alpha, beta, not generally available, limited release, developer preview, or any similar products or services offered by Halo Connect;

(b) is caused by factors outside of Halo Connect’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, telecommunications provider-related problems or issues, internet access or related problems occurring beyond the point in the network where Halo Connect maintains access and control over the Halo Cloud and Halo Link Client;

(c) results from any actions or inactions of yourself or any third party (except for Halo Connect’s agents and subcontractors);

(d) results from your application(s), your equipment, software, or other technology, add-on services, or third-party equipment, software, or other technology (except for equipment within Halo Connect’s direct control);

(e) occurs during Halo Connect’s scheduled maintenance;

(f) occurs during Halo Connect’s emergency maintenance (maintenance that is necessary for purposes of maintaining the integrity or operation of the Halo Connect Cloud services), regardless of the notice provided by Halo Connect; or

(g) is less than five (5) minutes of continuous unavailability in duration or due to Provider Outage (collectively, “Excluded Monthly Times”).

(h) occurs in a non-Production environment e.g. Staging

4. Service Credits

If Halo Connect does not meet this Service Level Agreement ("SLA"), and if you do meet your obligations under this SLA, you will be eligible to receive Service Credits to an amount decided at the discretion of Halo Connect.

The maximum Service Credit available is 25% of your usage fees for the applicable month in which Halo Connect failed to meet the applicable Monthly Uptime Percentage Threshold. 

Service Credit requests must be made within thirty (30) days from the last day of the calendar month in which you claim Halo Connect failed to meet the applicable Monthly Uptime Percentage Threshold.

Service Credits will be made in the form of a monetary credit applied to future use of Halo Connect products and services. A pending credit does not release you from your obligation to pay Halo Connect invoices submitted for payment in full when due.

Service Credits may not be exchanged for, or converted to, monetary compensation.

In order for you to be eligible to receive a credit under this SLA, you must use the latest version of Halo Cloud and Practices must use the latest, or most recent previous version of the Halo Link Client and meet all Minimum System Requirements.

Service Credit requests should be emailed to

5. Change Management Policy

Change Types


A non-breaking change is considered the extension of an existing API resource or the addition of a new API resource. These changes are expected to be backwards compatible and should not break well-formed applications following modern resilient rest API client best practices. These changes are expected to respect the following four rules:

            • MUST NOT take anything away
            • MUST NOT change processing rules
            • MUST NOT make optional things required
            • Additions MUST be optional

Examples of non-breaking changes are:

            • Add properties to a response
            • Add optional properties to a request
            • Add optional query string parameters
            • Add new API resources
            • Add new request methods to existing API resources
            • Add additional response headers
            • Change documentation


Breaking Changes are any changes that would result in an action by a consumer of the Halo Cloud API to make changes to their code to avoid a disruption in service.

Examples of breaking changes would be:

            • Remove a resource
            • Change or remove HTTP response codes
            • Remove a property in a request or response
            • Change an optional request property to be required
            • Rename properties in a request or response
            • Change an API resource to use a different response
            • Change a response to have a value outside of a documented range or format
            • Remove a documented response header
            • Add a required request header
            • Changing required permissions or adding a new required permission
            • Changing the meaning of a value in an API request or response


Emergency changes may be either breaking or non-breaking changes. These changes are only made in very rare and extenuating situations to address security or stability risks found in any part of the Halo Connect platform.

API Resource Deprecations

Functionality in the Halo Connect API can be deprecated if it becomes unnecessary, unsafe, or outdated. Deprecated resources will maintain backwards compatibility until the resource is removed from our service.

Change Notifications

Halo Connect API changes are announced in one or more of the following locations:

Changes will be available to test in our Staging environment prior to being released to the Production environment.

Non-breaking Changes and Improvements

For changes and improvements that do not cause any change in existing behaviour, Halo Connect reserves the right to make change without advanced notice. This includes hotfixes and general bug fixes that restore intended functionality. Halo Connect will assess every non-breaking change for its potential impact to client applications and any non-breaking change presenting potential impact to client applications will be announced at least 10 days in advance of when the change will take effect in Production.

Breaking Changes

For changes and improvements that cause a change in existing behaviour, announcements will generally be made 90 days in advance. Halo Connect may release the breaking change to Production during this time with backwards compatibility in place for the duration of the 90-day period.

6. Entire SLA Liability

The Service Credits set forth in this SLA are Halo Connect’s sole and entire liability to you, and your sole and exclusive remedy, for Halo Connect’s failure to meet any Monthly Uptime Percentage Threshold.

7. Customer Support

Customer support is available by email at or phone on (07) 3911 1360.

Guaranteed response times:

        • Maximum initial response time: 4 business hours
        • Maximum resolution time: 24 business hours

Customer support includes:

        • Identifying and troubleshooting problems with Halo Cloud or the Halo Link Client
        • Identifying and creating bug reports for Halo Cloud or the Halo Link Client
        • Troubleshooting upgrades for the Halo Link Client
        • Assistance with questions related to any Halo Connect product or service

Customer support does not include:

        • Third-party integrations or applications
        • Support in languages other than English

The above maximum time to resolution guarantee does not apply to the implementation, release or delivery of feature requests or any custom development work, which will be scheduled at Halo Connect’s discretion. Issues escalated to us by a PMS partner (e.g. Best Practice Software) will be treated in the same way as a direct support request.

8. Service Hours

Halo Connect’s service hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), excluding local holidays.

9. Updates

Halo Connect may update this SLA from time to time. This page represents the current SLA terms.

How to contact us

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