Lessons learned about memory usage

Practice management systems collect a lot of data. Extracting that much data for an integration can get complicated, especially regarding memory...

So... What is Halo Connect?

Halo Connect is a platform that enables integration with on-premise Practice Management Systems (PMSs), sometimes known as Electronic Medical Records...


New Release: Halo Connect 22.1219

Knowing whether Halo Link is behaving requires information — and this release gives us just that!


New release: Halo Connect 22.1207

Halo Connect 22.1207 is almost live! We've rolled up four release candidates for this one, so there's a lot to talk about.


New release: Halo Connect 22.1129

Halo Connect 22.1129 is here! Write support, multiple clinic servers support, and an important security update - it has something for everyone.


New release: Halo Connect 22.1109.0

Halo Connect 22.1109.0 is live! Our first big release post-1.0, it includes some very exciting changes to Halo Link and to Halo API.