New release: Halo Connect 22.1109.0

Halo Connect 22.1109.0 is live! Our first big release post-1.0, it includes some very exciting changes to Halo Link and to Halo API.

Halo Connect released version 1.0.0 back on September 8th this year. Since then, there have been a couple of small Halo API releases, but nothing for Halo Link. That has just changed.

Version 22.1109.0 of the Halo Connect platform (yes, we're switching to CalVer) is now live, and contains a whole swathe of changes to Halo Link and Halo API.

Some highlights

If you would like a full run-down of the changes in this release, the Halo Connect Release Notes are the place to look. However, if you want the short version, here's some highlights:

Halo Link now requires the October 5th 2022 Best Practice Data Update or later

From this release onwards, Halo Link relies on data contained in that update.

A System Requirements section has also been added to the Halo Link documentation.

Halo Link now automatically generates a site ID and subscription key when installed on a new machine

This simplifies the installation process, removes the need for site credentials to be passed around, and enables various security improvements.

As part of that...

All existing site IDs will be regenerated as part of this update

This is required as part of migrating to the new site registration system. Integrators currently using or testing Halo Connect have been emailed more information regarding this change.

Halo API's getSites endpoint has been updated

Parameter names have been changed for clarity, and the response object now contains more data. This allows Halo Connect Site IDs to be retrieved by integrators using the relevant Best Practice Site ID.

Several query improvements

For example, immediate queries can now interrupt long-running async chunk uploads. This prevents immediate queries timing out due to a large async query.

Documentation improvements

With this many big changes, the Halo Connect documentation needed to change too. Instructions regarding installing Halo Link are clearer, details regarding auto-update have been added, the FAQ has been updated... The list goes on. Make sure to check it out if you ever have any questions about Halo Link or Halo API.

Also, if you ever think something is missing or unclear, please feel free to send us a email. We appreciate any feedback you would like to give us.

Updating Halo Link

You can choose to manually update Halo Link, or wait for it to automatically update. For this release, the automatic update may take up to two days. From the next release, this will be within an hour.

The Halo Connect documentation contains update instructions for Halo Link.

Contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or need a hand, please contact

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