New release: Halo Connect 22.1207

Halo Connect 22.1207 is almost live! We've rolled up four release candidates for this one, so there's a lot to talk about.

Halo Connect 22.1207 is going live tomorrow! We've rolled up four release candidates for this one, so there's a lot to talk about.

Read on for more information about what the release contains.

Release scope

The version we are releasing to production is version 22.1207. This production release is a rollup of the changes from the following release candidates:

When reviewing the Release Notes, please ensure you review all 4 versions.

If you would like the short version, here are the highlights:

Changes & Highlights

If you would like a full run-down of the changes in this release, the Halo Connect Release Notes are the place to look. However, if you want the short version, here's some highlights:

Write support and experimental stored procedure support added

We've already talked about this feature in our preview blog post about version 22.1129 - you can check it out there.

Support added for clinics running multiple servers

Another one mentioned in the version 22.1129 blog post. However, it can't hurt to reiterate:

Each clinic should have exactly one authoritative server which integrators are able to contact. Non-authoritative servers can not currently be contacted by integrators.

For customers: to change your authoritative server, please contact

Security fix for Microsoft CVE

Halo Link includes a fix for Microsoft Vulnerability CVE-2022-41064. For more information, see .NET Information Disclosure Vulnerability · CVE-2022-41064 · GitHub Advisory Database.

Halo Link is now Digitally Signed by Halo Connect Pty Ltd.

The Unknown Publisher warnings should no longer appear when installing.

Halo Link installation bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Halo Link Service could not be stopped if there was a connectivity issue.
  • Fixed a bug where the installer wouldn't install because an internet connection was not detected due to multiple network cards.

Updating Halo Link

Halo Link should automatically update within an hour of the release.

If you would prefer to update manually, or not update, instructions can be found in the Halo Link documentation.

Contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or need a hand, please contact

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