New Release: Halo Connect 22.1219

Knowing whether Halo Link is behaving requires information — and this release gives us just that!

One of Halo Connect’s core selling points is a well-behaved agent. However, to know if Halo Link is behaving, we need to be gathering data from it. Only the minimum, of course — no one wants a nosey agent.

That’s why this release introduces site observability improvements such as a regular heartbeat from Halo Link.

This version was originally released to staging on December 19, 2022. It was promoted to production on January 9, 2023.


This release introduces a few new parameters for integrators related to site availability. And there are a couple of Halo Link installer bug fixes included too. However, mostly this release is about improving Halo Connect’s analytics — and setting up for future site status features.

Halo Connect is, after all, just a messenger. If a site is down, we don’t want to silently fail to deliver a message, but we also don’t want to implement magic retry policies and the like. We want integrators to know as soon as possible when a site goes down, and to have control over how they handle that downtime.

To that end, a future release is intended to include the ability for integrators to check a site’s status via the Halo API, and potentially other features.

If you would like more information, head over to the Release Notes to have a read.

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